The dark light

Skipping we went on holiday to Russia. When we got there I went to my room and a king cobra was in my room. The king cobra, witch was poisonous snake, bite me. Suddenly the pain in my arm  went funny. I fell  to the floor. Scared,worried,confused I woke back up and found  myself spinning around I couldn’t stop. I finally stopped. I had a wonder round it was as dark as dark as a cold winters night. I kept on walking as far as I could. Just then I saw a light in the distance.  What was it, it could not be  It’s not possible…

3 thoughts on “The dark light

  1. You used brilliant adjective. I think you should check your tenses.

  2. Love the good use of wow words – I was on the edge of my seat

    From Eleanor

  3. Wow that blew my socks of – absolutely amazing!

    Remember to look back over it

    But apart from that I loved the ending

    Keep the good work up

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