The haunted mystery?

Hurriedly,the vicious mermaid moved into it.The spooky house that was …  BANG!Who ever in their must of killed the horrifying mermaid because her blood as red as a juicy apple. Excited,Puzzled,Confused a family moved in,but suddenly the house moved on this island. The courageous family discovered that a colossal wave hit the house and then it moved it !!! Unfortunately the mum and dad got the house and died some how ? But was as fast as Lightning. It was only the little girl left in the house, she didn’t have a name. Mysteriously left in the dark gloomy house.Suddenly the pain in my arm … Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh help me!!! The end!

One thought on “The haunted mystery?

  1. You made good effort at using descriptive words. Well done! You however need to connect the story well to make reading it more interesting.

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