The hobbit

The hobbit is a really good book. It is about a hobbit who has left his little hobbit hole and brought on a journey by gandalf and a band of dwarvesto raid the treasure hoard of smaug a magnificent , a large and very dangerous dragon ! I think its the best book i’ve ever read. The movie is fantastic but the book is brilliant! The hobbit is written by the magnificent author : J.R.R tolkien . This book is recommended for ages 9 +.I rate this book 5 stars! I absolutely love it! It will probably be the best book you ever read. A very good read.

One thought on “The hobbit

  1. Thank you for the recommendation. I haven’t ever read it and now I feel I really must. I am so glad that you have seen the film and read the book. Some people would just watch the film but sometimes film-makers leave out really important bits, don’t they? I thought your book review was very thorough. Well done.

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