The key

The night of my birthday, I had the weirdest dream of worms and bugs and a key.You are probably wondering why i said a key, this is how it all started. I was in my garden playing on the swing when I saw sparkeling, gliscening in the grass. I stared at it for a second, all of a sudden, it made me jump it started to move you woulden’t belive what happened it started to talk, it whistpered “is there eny one called jack around?” I said “no he was my great grandad who worked on engines in boats.”I walked over too it and new that it was a key!

5 thoughts on “The key

  1. Well done on this very creative piece writing Casey. You have used the prompt well. A great 100WC entry!

  2. I like that you said the key talks and good description
    TOP MARKS FOR YOU- well done

  3. i liked how you said the key talked SUPER!
    brilliant description!

  4. Great punctuation and brilliant description and amazing ideas

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