the magic key (100WC)

Max and Robbie were outside in the garden digging for … TREASURE!!!! Their granny had been cleaning out  when she  found a treasure map, they wanted to find it!! They had been digging for hours and were getting sweaty but they were determined to find it. Suddenly, Max came to something hard it was a magic key! It started to shimmer and out popped a face!!! It said,” I open any door in the world!”  they were stunned!! They gave  the key to granny as a thank you  and she used it as a door key and she would talk to it.

8 thoughts on “the magic key (100WC)

  1. This is an exciting piece of writing Lauren. You have tried really hard with your punctuation and to add excitement to your story. I wonder where the key came from originally? And I wonder who put the map in the attic! I am sure Granny could have lots of adventures with it. I wonder if you will write more about her and her magic key?

  2. Very good.I liked how you said that your grandma talked to the key.Fabulous punctuation.

    Cybil Colman jnr year 6

  3. I like how you did…TREASURE!!!. It was awsome! “Well done”!!!

  4. your punctuation was brilliant and your spelling was perfect WOW!!!

  5. Great story Lauren. I Liked it a lot. I think you should never stop writing. Can’t wait for the next picture!

  6. Well done lauren loved the punctuation and i also liked it when you said TREASURE…you just need to make sure that when theres an I on its own its a capital.

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