The Odds

Have you ever fallen flat on your face whilst carrying your chocolate milkshake with whip cream and a flake? Or have you been on the last level of Little Rabbit Fufu’s furry adventures and… NOODLES! Your whole neighbourhood has a power cut!

That’s the Odds at work! The odds are the most cheeky-sneaky-throw-a-bag- of-reeky-family-ever. And for a living they prank and meddle. Let me introduce you to the family; there is Edgar and Elsie, Mr Odd and Mrs Odd. I recommend this book to 7+ and I rate this book 5 star. The author of this book is Adam Perrot. A very good read…

2 thoughts on “The Odds

  1. Wow , I have read this book and it is a very good summary of it !
    I like how you have also used the real blurb as inspiration
    Well done! 🙂

  2. Hi Liz
    What a great review of your favourite book, you have inspired me to read it! Your opening with a question was a clever way of starting your writing. I would like to show this to my class as a perfect example of a book review, well done!
    Miss T team 100wc

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