The Romans

On Tuesday two roman soldiers came into our school to talk to us and they also tried to persuade us that back then the Romans weren’t the bad guys. First, we had Giaus, he talked to us about the way we bathed and the way they bathed, what they used as a toilet and what we used as a toilet, and many more things. Giaus said that the Romans were cleaner than us because we just bathed normally, but they poured oil on their body and used a little hook to scrape all the oil off so they are as clean as us!

Then after lunch we went into the hall to see Kiaus, he taught us all about going into battle and at one point Nathan had to put the armour on, it was really funny, we had to draw pictures of all the layers of the armour. Then Kiaus went and hit Nathan with his sword but it didn’t go through! At the very end we had a mini battle with foam sticks and hard plastic sheilds.

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  1. Very good Libby you must have a good memory to remember all of this so well done

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