The towering tree

The blazing sun glistened thought the leaves. Exited, elated, giddy I spotted my next challenge! A tree, which towered above me and kissed the sky, cleverly enticing me. I neared the top hopping to reach the summit, however I slipped. Falling, I hit the spiky, sharp, pointy branches. Suddenly the pain in my arm, it was throbbing! It was as if a king cobra was eating up my arm. I screamed ” ARRRRGGGGGG” I needed medical assistants quick! Turning into a whirl I found my self in hospital. First I saw my mum next to the doctor. They immediately put a plaster over bruised, battered arm ” OUCH!”

4 thoughts on “The towering tree

  1. I really enjoyed reading your story. You managed to paint a really vivid picture by your careful choice of words.

  2. I really enjoyed reading your writing. You managed to create a really vivid picture in my mind by the careful word choices you made.

  3. That is amazing really good Breanna I like some of the wow words in there eg..enticing

    P.s what does enticing mean???????

  4. Hi bre
    Great descriptive story. I loved how it was totally unique, I didn’t guess it was a snake!!! Just one thing keep working on those spellings!

    Keep up the amazing work. Well done!


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