The trip to grasmere

Imagine a place where you can see astonishing view,where you can see spooky William Wordsworth grave,where the fresh air will blow you this is your place. Bored?Tired?Fed up?buy a ticket and hop on!

You’ll get to walk up the colossal,enormous,mountains (where you would see the vast open rivers.) We all loved it.The more we walked,the more we were intrigued. Bewildered,Stunned,amazed,they frozed to the spot,NO speech coming out their mouth the extensive view was like the huge galaxy.Some people are not into walking;Others disagree.The sun will always laugh at you but the clouds would cry no matter what’s the weather like you will still enjoy it.The Lake District is a breathtaking trip:crystal clear water is like diamonds in the sky shining bright like a diamond.The cosy beds sink you in like a soft cloud floating in the air.Everyone goes it’s always likely!