Titanic girls diary by Breanna

The book Titanic is a girls diary from an Orphanige. The young girl (Margaret) is put in an Orphanige after a terrible fate happend to her perants. Suddenly her life is turned around when she gets to board the great Titanic with a rich lady. It is only two days till the big day and she has’nt got a dress yet! She had got the dress, finally she could go. When she boards the ship she carnt help but to imagine what America will look like. Later on one cold night in april she woke up to a colossal loud crash ….

One thought on “Titanic girls diary by Breanna

  1. Hello Breanna, what an exciting story choice! You have set the scene so well by telling me, the reader, how the story begins and then you finish with a big crash – this really makes me want to find out what happens to Margaret. Well done!

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