War has come!!

I was on my way to Amarica … I am on my way to war I my not come back what was going to do… I was now in the dark ,gloomy  and spooky battle filed this was it was time  SUDDLY!! Every one around  were burned up I was the only one left but SUDDLY the pain in in my arm it was red and badly grazed and every thing around me was black ,burned and demolished what had happened here , my arm was now bright red  and hurting more then ever  I had to live now .BANG BANG …

2 thoughts on “War has come!!

  1. Hello Niamh – gosh you’ve done well to show us how awful war must be. This is a powerful 100wc – I hope you did survive the battle! Your next steps now are to really polish your writing, checking punctuation and spelling very carefully. Doing this will make your work even more enjoyable to read!
    Mr K 🙂

  2. This is really good Niamh. I think it was good that you used an unusual idea.

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