What Class 5B think about Marius the Giraffe

Today Class 5B discussed the news story of Marius the Giraffe.

They read some news articles looking at both sides of the argument, they read about the Zoo’s decision for killing Marius and also some of the alternative ways it could have possibly been saved.

To demonstrate what they had learnt and how they felt about it, they used the iPad app – Tellagami – to make a short video presentation.

This free app is a superb way for children to present information in an interactive and interesting way. They can add a background and annotate it. They can then design a digital avatar that will narrate their ideas. The children then have two choices, they can either record their own voices or type out some text and choose from a range of computer generated voices to read the text for them. The voices react to punctuation and spelling so is perfect for children to listen back to and check their work. They can record for 30 seconds or type 400 characters.

The children could choose either method to get their ideas across but had to outline the issue, give reasons for and against and then give their own opinion with reason. To get all of that done in just under an hour was impressive. Using the Marius story, gave the children a real issue to discuss therefore providing a real purpose to the task.

Here are some of their efforts:

Year 5 share their opinion on #Marius the Giraffe. from Davyhulme Primary School on Vimeo.