Why YOU should go to Grasmere?

Are you sick and tired of the same old lessons? Then you need to go on a trip to the lakedistrict! imagine yourself looking at crystal clears water falls splashing down,or imagine you and your friends having a superb time at the wonderful park at NIGHT!, even better sleeping in a room without your friends of the whole night: that place is Grasmere…

People go to Grasmere for some piece but when you’re There it willow be crazy and fun.Every site is a picture to frame. people come all over the world to climb grasmere mountains and other that lie there; you do a village study and a river study in groups. in the village study you go to this amazing ginger bread shop and a gift shop.The more you eat the ginger bread, the more you are happy.

People sometimes come to see William Wordsworth’s grave William Wordsworth’s writes lots of interesting poems one of them is called daffodils.When you arrive back to the hostel they give you delightful food morning,dinner and tea.

Excitedly,amazingly we went to  brochill adventure park. The adventure park was like a world it was epic. After that you have your lunch then play a bit more.

So I hope I persuaded you to go to Grasmeres “it was epic” by Harriet ( age 9 )