Why you should go to Grasmere

Bored? Fed up? Tired? Then you need to go to Grasmere! Imagine a place so picturesque you could paint it, where you  could climb  the tallest mountains and see waterfalls, where lambs roam free- this is Grasmere. The more you read on, the more you’ll want to go.

Its probably the best trip you’ll ever go on. They have great food ad it’s really funlater you have to go to the park and go on the the swings, also you can play footy or cricket!

The beds are great plus you have lovely English breakfast ” YUM!” Eventually you will see a waterfall but be warned you will get mucky, after that you’ll go to the village. Some people like the village others don’t. The village is like a picture!

On the last day you will go to Brockhole, the amazing adventure park! Trust me you’ll want to go!

Is this the place for you? You only have one year to wait!

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  1. What fantastic writing from you and your friends! To make your writing even better, I suggest you proof read your work so that you can spot errors. Well done you’ve really made me want to visit.

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