Why you should go to Grasmere

Are you tired? Bored? Or are sick of the less old lessons? Then you need a trip to the lake district! Imagine yourself watching crystal clear weathers trickling down, or imagine you and your friends having a midnight feast, even better imagine you playing at the park for a whole two hours: Grasmere is that place…

Some people go to Grasmere to climb the towering mountains that lie there; others prefer to go and see William Wordsworth’s grave. The more you see at Grasmere, the more you’ll want to explore. It is true! Every sight you see is so picturesque!

William Wordsworth, who wrote loads of poems, used to live in Grasmere. after the first day you will do a river and a village study. Melissa (aged 10) went to Grasmere and this is what she thought about it, ” The scenery is as pretty as a picture, the gingerbread is scrumptious and I would probably go there again!”

It is not just the view that makes you enjoy your trip it is also the food. The cooks make the most enjoyable pork ribs for dinner, but that is not just it they also make a delicious chocolate cake for dessert and despite the long walks you have to do you will always have plenty on energy. You will never be bored: there is so many amazing activities to do. The morning dew is beautiful when it shimmers on the grass as you do the river study. After the trip you will no longer be bored. Especially when you visit Brockhole adventure playarea.

As my conclusion I think you will really enjoy Grasmere, yet I would get to sleep on time. Trust me you will need it!!!!!

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  1. I wish l coud go to the lake because it sounds wonderful:-) from Laith

  2. It was good were you did a question mark at the start then a another one

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