Why you should go to Grasmere by Harriet

Are you tired? Maybe a little fed up? Need a holiday? Then Grasmere is the place to go. With gorgeous picturesque views you can’t beat it. It is the best trip you will ever go on.

Stunning views surround you wherever you go. Every corner you turn there is appealing scenery. Calm, gentle rivers flow by the village and gushing waterfalls dominate the hillside. Some people love it; others adore it. The long hike up a Rocky Mountain provides you with the best views. The more you stay in Grasmere, the more inseparable you become.

In Grasmere it is amazing. You get to explore the park after a delicious filling meal and you go to the greatest adventure park in the world! You must go to Grasmere, you will love it.

Alsoyou get to go to the village. It is so peaceful and there is outstanding natural beauty. Wildlife is on your doorstep. Every kind you can think of, insects, cows, sheep and even lambs. Awww! Imagine a place with jagged, Rocky Mountains stretching in a never ending line, where wildlife is found around every corner, where crystal clear waters flow right by you: Grasmere!

I’m sure you’ll agree, Grasmere is amazing! So, why not take a break because no other place compares. It’s know or never! No other opportunities you will get will be as breath taking as Grasmere. You know you want to!!


3 thoughts on “Why you should go to Grasmere by Harriet

  1. After reading this, your fantastic description and choice of adjectives i’m sold. I especially like the idea of picturesque views and visiting a unique place like no other.

  2. Great stuff! Well done! I will be showing this to my Year 6 class, as I think they’ll love it. You’ve combined questions and short sentences with longer flowing ones to impact effectively on the reader. Definitely a piece of writing to be proud of! Congratulations!
    Henry Smith, Lendmeyourliteracy.com, Y6 Teacher and Literacy Coordinator

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