Why you should go to Grasmere by Hayden

Imagine a place where absurd mountains cover a whole village , a place where masses of wild life array in trees , where exquisite scenery covers the landscape : That is Grasmere . Grasmere is a place of fun and attraction . You stay up late on the park and have never ending fun ! You also go on a long but enjoyable hike up a dazzling mountain ( its very tiring ! ) . When you go into the minuscule gingerbread shop it is like walking into a tiny world of candy! Do you get scared very easily ? Phobias of graves ? Scared of the unknown ? …well tough luck ! You go to see the famous William Wordsworth grave ! The rivers is amazing ! You have to walk through riversand stuff . Not to mention the ace adventure park on the last day ! The place that you sleep in , which is colossal is awesome ! The more I think about it the more I want to go back . Some like Grasmere but others don’t : but most do like it ! Greaved , troubled , distressed I was on the way back . Like a mouse that had lost its home ! On the inside I felt sad , but on the outside I felt happy , but the question is … Would you go to Grasmere ?

6 thoughts on “Why you should go to Grasmere by Hayden

  1. I liked you’re writing because you have wow words. From Hani

  2. I really enjoyed reading your description. I felt like I was there! I want to share these with my class.

  3. After reading this…YES I WOULD! What fantastic descriptions! I am going to see if my Year 3 class agree with me.

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