Why you should go to Grasmere By Liz

Are you bored? Fed up? Tired? Well why don’t you pack your bags and go to Grasmere! You can climb the colossal mountains that are coated in white, fluffy candy floss. Imagine a place where you can wake up every morning and have an adventure, where you can try the most delicious gingerbread ever, where the cute little villages and breathtaking mountains overtake the busy, urban, crowded city of Manchester.

I strongly recommend Grasmere to you, if you love having exciting and fun experiences to remember. Some people go to Grasmere to see famous poet William Wordsworth’s (who wrote Daffodils ) grave; others go to study thso river source and streams, which are on the mountains. You will probably heave the best 3 days in year 5! The river study is very interesting; you measure the width of a stream,  the depth, the float travel time and you also measure the angle of the stream using a tool called a clenometre.

The food is delicious, and  very filling for your mountain hike! You get to choose a scrumptious sandwich at lunchtime. I guarantee that you will still enjoy the breathtaking natural beauty whatever the weather, whether it’s the laughing sun, or the crying cuddly clouds you will love it. So why not come?

By Liz 5b