world football records 2013

world football records 2013 is a non fiction book all about football. it has the lastest records by lionel messi and cristiano ronaldo. it has all the top international teams like england ,spain, italy and germany. if you are a football fan this book is for you!

it has all the major tournements such as Euro 2012, Fifa world club cup and uefa champions league records. it has amazing pictures when players scoring learn all the greatest football facts. i would recomend this book four stars. this book would be the ages for eight and over. do you want this book ?

One thought on “world football records 2013

  1. Hello James,
    Well done on entering the 100wc. You have me sold! I need to go out and buy this book so that I can talk to my Y4 boys about football – you can probably tell that I m not a fan!
    Did you purposefully use only 2 capital letters in your writing? Or was your keyboard broken – as one of my children once explained?. Capital letters are a very important piece of punctuation, especially to show names.

    Well done again
    Keep entering the 100wc
    Mrs W – Team 100wc
    Flamborough, East Yorkshire, England
    My class blog on if you would like to have a look where we are.

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