Year 4 Grasmere Persuasion

Bored? Stressed maybe? Do you wish everyday to go on a picturesque holiday? Imagine a place with breathtaking views, where you find yourself at the grave of an intriguing poet, a place with towering mountains that hikers climb everyday: the place that I am talking about is Grasmere, the old home of the late William Wordsworth.

You will never be so excited in your life to go anywhere more graphic than Grasmere. You get off the coach you see two wonderful, historic houses. The lovely houses are where will be staying. Its like living in a mansion. An extraordinary mansion. The filling, appetising breakfast served each day are helpful for the long hike up the amazing eye appealing mountains. At night you get to go to the local park with your teacher. Either play football or skip also whatever you do have fun. And I guarantee that you will have fun. At night, you get which rooms you will be in. DON’T WORRY! The teachers pick your friends. You can giggle and chat with your friends until ten o clock but then the teachers come in and the lights go out.

Excited, thrilled, activated in the morning your teacher, who will be on holiday with you, sorts you into two working groups, one goes and does water studies and one that studies shopping. The more you shop the more you spend. You might want to spend lots of money, but you will only be able five pounds. The stuff you can buy is amazing: there are lots of souvenirs. Astonished, you will find many things. Some buy for their family; others just want to try the famous gingerbread.

5 thoughts on “Year 4 Grasmere Persuasion

  1. Hi Caitlin I really enjoyed your writing and the way you describe what grasmere look like good job from Niamh

  2. Hi Caitlin I really like your work I like the way you describe what it looks like . from Niamh

  3. I relly like your writing because you
    use question marks to make me think.

  4. I really like the way you started the last paragraph because it made it more interesting.

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