Year 4 grasmere persuasion

Have you heard? About what you say,well I am talking about the one and fascinating,eye-catching,beautiful,picturesque Grasmere.From it’s high mountains to its gleaming waterfalls.The village is a village of beauty.Bored?     Tired? Spiritless? Well climb up the colossal mountains and meet sheep and baby lamb along the way!

You will never taste food like grasmere’s again. Piping  soup is served every day.Their puddings are delicious.Imagine a place where luscious smells are pouring out of the kitchen where the beds are so comfortable that you drift off in seconds where the play areas are so large that you could run a marathon :this is grasmere.

One word gingerbread.While doing the village study you will get to try heavenly gingerbread and visit the grave of William wordsworthwhen traveling around the village you will see the local school and church.

On the last day you will go to the adventure park and have lots of fun.Tje park has lots of swings,slides,monkey bars and climbing frames.And you will go to the souvenir shop

3 thoughts on “Year 4 grasmere persuasion

  1. This is good Alicia I really liked the park and village study descriptions but try to correct your work if you spot an error. But apart from that BRAVO!

  2. This is good Alicia. I liked the description of the park. I also liked the description of your village study. Just try and correct your work if you spot a spelling error or leave spaces. But apart from that this is good

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