Year 5 Awarded Compassionate Award

PETA - 5B were thrilled to receive an award for all their wonderful work based on the film Blackfish. Last week the class were recognised by the charity PETA for all their hard work to campaign for the freedom of captive Killer Whales. All the blogging the class had done to raise awareness for the plight of captive orcas, which can be read here, has had a big impact with people around the world.

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Their achievements were then shared on BBC Radio Manchester this week. To listen to the story please watch this video: 

There was also a short report in today’s Manchester Evening News:

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We would like to thank PETA for rewarding the class and to everyone who has supported the children’s effort with this project. It has been a great example of how blogging can really inspire children to write for a real purpose and demonstrated to the class how their learning can make a REAL difference.

If you haven’t yet seen the film, Blackfish, it is airing next week on BBC Four – READ MORE HERE. Please note the children have only watch suitable clips from the film, there are scenes which I wouldn’t deem appropriate for children of a Primary age.