Year 5

At the start of year 5 I felt nervous because I thought about small picky things like the homework is going to get harder ,or is the teacher going to get more strict. But actually it’s the opposite way round the homework is easier and the teachers are less strict but I think that as you get older you start to realise why the teachers get more strict because if we do the wrong things we cant just expect them to sit down and get on with it that’s my reason why I like going in different years.

One thought on “Year 5

  1. Megan, ssshh, shall I tell you something….sometimes, just sometimes, with some teachers, they are nervous about meeting their new class too! But what a great attitude you have to your learning – you have shown that you have a great understanding of how expectations change as you move through your school years. What lucky teachers to have you in their class! Keep up the great learning in Year 5.
    Mrs Neale
    Year 4 Teacher from Dorset

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