100 word callenge

Today was a big day because my mum had bought a hot air balloon. It was red and blue with spots on . She said I had to come with her to try it out and this was not good because I hate heights and this will be even  worse because I’ll be in a  balloon in the sky. I was now in the air in the balloon and I was trying not to  to look down, but then I jumped out of my skin. Suddenly I tripped over and I was looking down, I was surprised to see something you couldn’t imagine, so don’t ever look down.

One thought on “100 word callenge

  1. Hello Niamh
    I can imagine that if you’re afraid of heights one of the worst things to do would be to go for a ride in a hot air balloon, maybe second only to doing a skydive! The first part of your piece read like a diary entry, which I liked, but then it became a little confusing because of the way you changed tenses. I also liked the fact that you didn’t reveal to the reader what it was that you saw. I wonder what it was?
    Miss Gill
    Costa del Sol, Spain

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