100 word challange it looked upside down

What is that strange thing ? What is it doing? Why is it looking at me ? The red thing was just flying around and  after a bit it looked upside down. This strange thing was also greeting people in the city. Strangly, it started to shake … What is happening ? Suddenly it burst into the sky like a shooting star ! A couple minutes later , it came back down and started to follow me so I started running but when I looked back it had gone. But where ? So I started to walk home and when I got home it was there on my red, leather sofa….

3 thoughts on “100 word challange it looked upside down

  1. Dear Aiden,

    I enjoyed reading your writing, your use of questions was interesting and drew me into your writing. You have also used a variety of punctuation which help makes your writing interesting. Thanks for sharing.

    Miss Tarrant
    Team 100WC

  2. Hi Aiden, your story is interesting. Your use of ellipsis created the suspense I believe you want to create. You however forgot to include the prompt in the story.
    I especially like your description of the burst of the ‘creature’ “…like a shooting star” Well done!

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