100 word challenge

Cautiously,I stepped into the dark, gloomy forest.Snap! I looked around (I thought some one was following me). I couldn’t see anything. I carried on trying to get to the heart of the forest. I stopped.Checked again. Nothing. The wind started up and kept blowing in my face as I struggled to carry on. Fog came, thick and fast, as I came near to the heart of the  forrest…

I stepped another step to find myself engulfed in a blanket of fog! It squeezed me until the pictures of my life swirled around me,but, it all looked upside down. I looked closer into the fog, I saw two red EYES.

One thought on “100 word challenge

  1. This post is one of the best ones I have read so far. The setting is a great place for your type of story! GREAT JOB

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