100 word challenge

I was sitting on the pavement , when an orange tortoise  waved at me. “Over here!” he called. I dashed over. “I’m Ben”  he introduced himself. “I’m Nathan” I said, as we shook hands. “I need help getting the tortoise crown” he said. “It’s in the sewers.” Let’s go!” I yelled. As we stumbled through the dark sewer, Ben told me he was next in line for the tortoise throne. When they’re 84, tortoises put the crown back in the sewer. Then,the prince picks it up. Just then, we came to a funny shaped crown. Ben put it on and became king of the tortoises.

One thought on “100 word challenge

  1. Very well done on using all of the words in this weeks challenge! Next time try to not use them more than once. Excellent! 🙂

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