100 word challenge by emily

Nervously I crept down the crooked stairs. there was no sound to be heard apart from the ticking of the old wooden clock hanging on the wall. then I saw something what was it? It looked exatly like the hobbit door in a book I had once read. I was frozen to the spot feeling bleak. I opened it the slightest crack all of sudden a gust of wind blew me into it knocking me down . I landed with a thump. Then I realised I was in Paris. Stood over the top of me were huge sculptress all different neon colours.

One thought on “100 word challenge by emily

  1. Spotter is impressed with your sense of the surreal. Nobody would have been expecting the story to suddenly find itself in Paris! Spotter was imagining it being in the darkest reaches of Stretford or possibly Chorlton. I like the way the sentence maintains its super-fast pace after “crack” but we always need to make sure we finish our sentences … I opened it the slightest crack. All of sudden a gust of wind blew me into it, knocking me down. Now I am off to read a fairy story to calm me down.

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