100 Word Challenge by Hallam in Year 6…everything was upside down…

My eyes bulged as I stared in awe! Infront of me stood the most peculiar landscape I had ever seen: dustbin fountains clattered and postbox people littered the street. As I meandered through the chocolate trees and jelly flowers, something caught my eye. A tiny, fairy like creature was cheeping melodically. It looked upside down, I just hadn’t noticed it because my mind had been on other things. Suddenly, an emerald leaf fell from a tree. I picked it up and fingered it tentatively. I wondered where I was. This didn’t seem real…Unluckily, it was…

7 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge by Hallam in Year 6…everything was upside down…

  1. This is a great 100wc it has loads of description!!

    Well done

  2. Extrordinary story Hallam! You used amazing vocabulary and great punctuation. I love the end because it is like a cliff hanger… I really want to know what is going to happen next. This is Really good Keep it up!

  3. Great job Halem! Your writing is excellent and you wrote a fantastic piece of writing. Well done!

  4. Well done! I love how you used a lot of WOW words and it’s really interesting. Keep writing stories I really like them.

  5. Wow! What an interesting response to the prompt. I loved the description in your writing and have read it a few times to get a really clear picture in my mind. It reminds me a bit of Roald Dahl’s descriptions. An excellent 100 word challenge. Keep blogging!

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