100 word challenge by Paige6B and Abigail6B

Quitely, I saw that it was one dark night, yet it was the night before christmas and everything was still, but when I went to sleep I heard something rattling under my bed . I looked under my bed but nothing was there , what shall I do now? What was it? I went back to sleep but I could hear it again , this time I looked again but quicker, there was a dark black box and it had a mouth with a snake’s tongue and it lunged sraight for me ! I ran for it and suddenly fell over …. I screamed loudly …. gone!

One thought on “100 word challenge by Paige6B and Abigail6B

  1. Oh my goodness , Paige and Abigail, what a frightening thing to happen! I like your use of questions to build up suspense. I shall be very careful not to look if I hear noises under my bed in the middle of the night…

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