100 word challenge ellie6b and Amy6b

It was the night before christmas , when everyone was asleep something strange was going to happen.Excited, I ran downstairs to see if santa had come, but instead I saw a mysterious,large box.In a instant , I grabbed the box and looked at it gradually. Worried,I turned the box , over looking for a name tag. Then I saw it , my name! Instantaly , I tried to open the box, but it was sealed tightly.Upset ,I turned around to see a large figure breathing heavily. My body turned to ice , my breathing stopped, and the box was clung tightly in my hands.

One thought on “100 word challenge ellie6b and Amy6b

  1. A story which transmits the tension of the situation to the reader. Well done. ‘Excited’, ‘worried’, ‘instantly’ – all work well.
    Make sure that you check the spacing around the punctuation, capital letters for real names and in the last sentence should you say ‘the box was clinging tightly..’?
    Keep up the good writing and imaginative stories.

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