100 word challenge… it looked upside down

The deadly silence lurked my soul, I felt like my life was about to end! it looked upside down, WHAT WAS IT? I was trapped in a suffercating tunnel… Somehow the creepy beast with no face was able to crawl through the dark tunnel! Suddenly, struggling to turn around,it was trying to grab and pull my legs! WHAT WILL THE FUTURE HOLD FOR ME? this lurked my mind.Seconds later, the mysterious thing was pulling harder… suddenly, I heard a voice creeping me out screamed ”give up now or I will force you untill you surrender!” I had to give up,”AAAAAAAHHHHHH!”

One thought on “100 word challenge… it looked upside down

  1. What a scary story! You’ve written a story full of suspence & excitement. Remember to check your capital letters!

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