100 word challenge…It looked upside down!

My heart skipped a beat as I creapt through the deserted forest! Suddenly something swooped past me. I looked in every single direction there was nothing! So I started walking again. In a flash something or someone appered in front of me! I couldn’t see anything it was to blury! I screemed for help…. Next my hands popped over my hands. It looked upside down sort of like an owl! My heart slowed down as I stared. It had evil looking eyes they were blood shot red and it was black and brown! I whisperd to it hi but there was no reply!

4 thoughts on “100 word challenge…It looked upside down!

  1. Wow! I can’t belive that you got a comment from Mr Kenyon on the 100wc!!!!

  2. Hi Kane – what a super 100wc you’ve written this week! You’ve used some excellent language which really helps to bring your story to life – well done. One suggestion is not to overuse those exclamation marks – only use them if someone’s shouting or if something really exciting or surprising happens.
    Keep on blogging 🙂
    Mr K

  3. Well done Kane for writing such a scary story. I was a little confused by “my hands popped over my hands.” It was brave to say “Hi”

  4. Well done kane for getting your 100 word challenge on the Blog it is really good!

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