100 word challenge… it looked upside down

My journey to New York has failed…the plane had crashed into a place called The Middle of Nowhere! To me it looked upside down [I was dizzy].Every time I stood up I kept falling over,what was I going to do? Suddenly,the deystroyed plane’s lights turned off…all I could hear was screaming! All of a sudden it stopped. All I could see were two devil red eyes floating in front of me… I walked towards them. It grabbed me and screamed ” Beware, they are after you…” In a flash it disapeared and the lights turned on. I heared a creepy noise ”OH NO THEY’RE COMING!”

4 thoughts on “100 word challenge… it looked upside down

  1. Oh my goodness Taylor, how scary. I really like the way you have built up the tension in your writing – you have written about your feelings, used lots of short sentences and asked questions of yourself. Good use of powerful verbs as well. Well done.

  2. Wow you’re story is super good! It is really scary. The suspense builds and it about had me jump out of my chair. Nice work!

  3. I enjoyed your post. It was suspenseful and very creative! You have great grammar skills and a great talent for creative writing. Take this talent with you throughout life, it may come of use later on! I really like this creative story!

  4. HI Taylor
    I really liked your story it was very introsting I dont get the bit OH NO THEY’RE COMING can you right who THEY’RE COMEING please

    hope you right more on the 100 wc

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