100 word challenge.. it looked upside down…

The fog. The mist.The fear.Suspicion over took my body in horror.Something was there i went to sleep but  later a bloodshot-eyed figure appeared in front of me…What was it i went to go and get something to defend me but the next minute i was on the floor i looked it was gone. A horrifying shock was all i had in my body.I felt like running but… The figure was there!What does it want from me.How I saw it it loooked upside down.Many repulsive chills went through my body. What did I have in common with it…













One thought on “100 word challenge.. it looked upside down…

  1. Hi Callum,
    This is a super 100 Word Challenge entry, well done!
    I love your use of short sentences at the beginning which immediately builds up the tension and puts the reader on the edge of their seats. Even at the end of the writer, the reader is still guessing.
    Next time, don’t forget I needs to start with a capital letter.
    Mrs Stones

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