100 word challenge …it looked upside down….

I was trapped! The sewage water dripped loudly above me. I shivered and evil rats scuttled underneath my soggy feet. I was ment to be in a fabouls hotel in New York, NOT a stinky sewage pipe! All of a sound there was a horrible squelch under my foot, I didn’t want to look down to see what gruesome thing I had just stepped in! I strided on (watching where I stepped) through the tunnel. Just then there was a sigh and then a little splash! I swiftly turned my torch in that direction, a man, his face it looked upside down! I ran!

One thought on “100 word challenge …it looked upside down….

  1. Well done Rowan! You are a very talented writer. I enjoyed reading your 100 Word Challenge.You have used some powerful verbs and ambitious vocabulary.

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