100wc by Liz6A

Electrocity was now Microcity. It started when Luke Greenwood changed the world. Luke was clever – he liked homework and hated sports- he also hated Derek Reed, who ironically didn’t like to read. Derek forced Luke to do his homework (because he was too lazy to do it himself). One day, Luke decided he had had enough of Derek, so Luke created something to make him shrink! When the invention was finished, he pressed the little emerald-green button-which is what makes things shrink. He carefully positioned the laser, suddenly ZOOP! ZAM! ZIP! He had shrunk the whole city… Meetings were held across the country to find an answer. Who had shrunk Electrocity?

One thought on “100wc by Liz6A

  1. What an amazing story – I would love to hear what happened next ! You have been really creative in your writing and left me wanting to read the next installment. I hope you blog again soon…please 🙂

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