100wc Isabelle

As soon as I got home I knew something was wrong. The house was silent. I looked back at the street. No pedestrians. No cars moving. Nervously I crept further down the hall. The clock wasn’t ticking. Carefully, I took it down, the battery compartment was empty.

But when I put the batteries in it the hands of the clock started moving backwards. They got faster and faster, they became so fast that sparks exploded from the clock! BOOM! Imagine a place where walls are stone and covered with tapestries, where suits of armour clutter the halls, where the beds are HUGE: this is where I’ve travelled to. 

2 thoughts on “100wc Isabelle

  1. Wow! That was amazing Isabelle, you kept me wanting more

  2. Isabelle, I love thsi piece of writing! The place you described at the end reminded me of Ordsall Hall in Salford.

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