200 Word Challenge …..too cute to be true……

I made this 200 Word Challenge up! So it isn’t the 100 Word Challenge!

The Pet Shop

As I walked my way through the amazing pet shop I was astounded by all the noise! Puppies, cats, fish, reptiles, rabbits, gerbils and an talking parrot they had it all! I was in Harvey’s Dream Pet Shop just round the corner of my house. I had begged my parents for years for a pet, any pet would do! I was desperate!

I walked down the isles hand in hand with my mum searching for the perfect pet. I wanted a cat or maybe a dog I didn’t really know! When I passed all the tabby cats my eyes fell upon a cat too cute to be true! I pointed to the wonderful, grey tabby and tugged on my mum’s sleeve. “What are you looking at?” Said Mum slowly “That is an empty cage”.

What! My jaw dropped open I did a double take at the cage a cat was defintenly sitting there! I ran up to one of the workers and pointed to the cage, “Is there a cat in there?”  The busy worker gave me a puzzled look and said “”There hasn’t been a cat in there for years,the last one died long ago!”

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  1. I enjoyed reading this, i really want to read on! This is a great 200 word challenge, Well done

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