A book review about Coco Caramel

I have just read a brilliant book called Coco Caramel! This book is written by Cathy Cassidy (my favourite author!) and Cathy writes the most amazing books.

Coco Caramel is about a girl called Coco Tanberry who has a stepsister (Cherry) two slightly older sisters who are twins (Skye and Summer) and her oldest and most trouble making sister (Honey).Coco is absolutely mad about animals and is always having cake sales at school to try and raise money to help animals. The main part of the story is where Coco is at her horse riding lesson, and she decides to ride her favourite pony, Caramel. Because Caramel isn’t a trained pony, she gets scared easily, so when Coco rode her without permission, Caramel knocked her off and the riding school had to sell Caramel. Coco was determined to get Caramel back, so she teamed up with the moodiest boy in the school (Lawrie Marshall) and they tried to rescue Caramel. Sadly, Caramel had been sold to James Seddon (a really cruel man) so it was going to be very hard to rescue the pony. One night, Coco and Lawrie went to get Caramel, and while they were there, they discovered another pony who was in foal. Of course they couldn’t leave her behind, so they took her as well. Lawrie said that he knew a place out on the moors where the ponies would be safe. Coco and Lawrie hid the ponies at the moor, but there was one problem, Seddon had complained to the police and it was all over the newspapers…

Lawrie and Coco spent almost every day at the moors, in jasmine cottage trying to help the ponies. They also drew names out of a hat and they decided to call the pony in foal Spirit. A few days later, Spirit had her baby! Lawrie and Coco called the foal Star, and whilst all of this was going on, Seddon had bought two new ponies! Coco knew that she had to save the other two ponies, so Lawrie agreed and they went round to Seddon’s house to get them. Unfortunately Seddon heard them this time, so they got caught! Coco soon found out that Seddon was Lawrie’s stepfather, and Lawrie, his mum and his sister Jasmine all stayed round at Coco’s house for a while.Meanwhile, Honey had stirred up some more trouble and was going to go and live with her proper dad for a year in Austrailia. After all this, Lawrie and his family moved back to their old house, and the end is quite romantic!

That’s all I can tell you for now. Thanks for reading! And I hope you will decide to read Coco Caramel. You could also try reading one of Cathy’s other books, BYE!