An Egg!

Yesterday morning I did the usual. I got out of my bed, got dressed, brushed my teeth and went downstairs. Normally I will do my hair, get ready and then open the chickens door to the bottom of their coop, yet I didn’t! You see yesterday one of my chickens (Ellie) had moved all of her straw and bedding into the middle of the floor and I wondered why was she doing that so I went to have a look. I let the chickens into the bottom of their coop and two brown chickens strutted down the ladder. ONE DIDN’T! When I found out that one hadn’t come down. I started to panic. Why wasn’t she coming down? Was she even there? As I opened the lid I was greeted by a big brown hen, sitting down. Amazed, shocked, excited, I looked down. Underneath her feathers was… AN EGG!  True story!

2 thoughts on “An Egg!

  1. That was the most unusual story i have ever heard but you see thats what makes it so good well done keep up the good work

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