Arney mcKarthy by alicia 6a

Arney mc Karthy was strange,so strange people avoided him constantly but even though Arney was alone he always had his imagination by his side.
Anyway lets see what happened to Arney and why he is the way he is.Well when Arney was a baby he had four fingers on one hand and six on the other plus a hunched back and a pointy nose,life was not easy for Arney mc Karthy he was picked on left right and centre, he was pushed teased and bullied,ah but that never put Arney down ,he ignored them and walked on.One bright, sunny day Arney got his pocket money and strolled down to the store and bought a gianormous notbook and started writing amazing stories.When Arney was twentytwo he had them published and became a famous writer in crownsvile and all the children that made fun of him can’t wait to get their hands on his brilliant books.

So the moral is never judge a book by its cover!!!