Augmented Reality Grammar

Today Class 6A demonstrated their understanding of punctuation marks in a much more interesting and engaging way.

First I demonstrated some Augmented reality using the new First News+ app.

This grabbed the children’s attention straight away.They were intrigued to how it works, how to make one themselves and where it comes from.

The task was set. I asked them to make videos demonstrating different punctuation marks using some resources from here:


To make their demonstration videos the children used Explain Everything. With this app they were able to write, draw and discuss their understanding.

I left the children with little input for their videos other than it needs to demonstrate their understanding of how to use the punctuation mark.

This was a fantastic collaborative exercise and one the children approached with a focus and mature attitude. Once the videos were made and exported, the children made an aura using the app Aurasma.

The children used the posters mentioned earlier so to see their efforts please follow these steps and see watch their wonderful explanations:


 Augmented Reality   Bringing our Writing to life!!!

  1.  Download the app “Aurasma” onto your Smartphone.
  2. 2013 01 22 11.47.45 150x150 Augmented Reality   Bringing our Writing to life!!!Open the app and press the A at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Click on the search option.
  4. Type in Davyhulme and click the option.
  5. Press like to subscribe to our Auras.
  6. Open the app and scan one of our pictures, if it doesn’t work from your screen you may need to print them.

2013 01 22 12.03.131 150x150 Augmented Reality   Bringing our Writing to life!!!

2013 01 22 12.29.341 150x150 Augmented Reality   Bringing our Writing to life!!!

A work of warning, after trying to show the class the finished Auras, I found that the storage on my iPad had vanished. It seems that when you scan an aura it is stored on your iPad and can take up quite a lot of memory. So beware not to scan too many.