Awaken: Chapter 1. The first case

Blood was everywhere. The crime scene was a disgusting disgrace. I inspected the limp,lifeless corpse of the deceased man. ”Walter! Tell me the post-mortem” I questioned.       ”Several stab wounds to the upper right shoulder and one to the wrist” replied Walter.I slumped into a soft chair and was deep in my thoughts when….. SMASH! The door flung across the room like a plank of wood. Surprised, i sprung to my feet to discover an axe welding maniac tossing himself around.I pulled out my taser and shocked the man into unconsciousness. ”Who was that!” I screeched.”According to my data files,he was Henry Edwardson, a well known psychopath” boasted Walter. ”Take him away” I called waving to the cops. As they took him away i never thought i would see him again.I was wrong.

Maybe i should introduce myself. My name is Dexter Gray and i’m a renowned detective, known for solving the case of the curse of Watchers Hill and many other murder mysterys. My wonderful assistant,Walter Crayson is a huge help to my discoveries. He was a amazing detective in his day,but these days the prefers to be a smart,helpful sidekick.My number one goal in life is to die as a savior to the world and to know i’ve done everything i possibly could do in life.The story i’am about to tell you is probably the most difficult yet exciting case i’ve ever done.It was called: Case of the Awakened.

After the daze of the attack,I trotted home back to civilisation. I launched myself onto my bed when i heard a faint ticking noise.The only clock in my house is my watch so it can’t be that. I reluctantly slid out of my warm bed sheets and glided along the beige,cotton carpet. As i reached the boiler room the ticking noise got louder and louder and louder. Tentatively, I reached out to the steel door handle. Click!. The door swung open….. ”no”….. ”it can’t be!” I glared at the rectangular shaped time bomb,hidden behind the pipes. Carefully, i picked it up as if it was a new born baby.I turned it around. 00.00.10 it read on the bomb. Instantly i knew that meant 10 seconds.Confused,shocked,scared i dropped the machine of death and ran, i ran for my future,i ran for my life.Leaping, i hurdled over my window ledge and plummeted to the ground. As i braced impact i saw Walter staring as i most certainly was going to die.I hit the cold,damp,litterful pavement. As i looked up i saw Walter staring into my eyes. ” sorry………..” i whispered as i took a deep breath and blacked out. Who put the bomb in the boiler room i thought as i was in the land of dreams, wishing to wake up.A beam of light spread across my eyes as i opened them to find i was tied up.In a basement.”MMMHHMMHHMMM!” I screamed as my cried where muffled by the gag, tightly wrapped around my mouth.I heard footsteps coming down the rotted steps to the basement. Who was it?


Thank you to Miss Brookes for the inspiration for my story!

Chapter 2 should be out soon!

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