Awaken: Chapter 2 Intruder


As the stairs creaked, I expected to find the identity of the kidnapper. The shadow got bigger as the mysterious figure became visible. The man was not natural. He was super-natural. Shimmering in the dark,mossy basement,the blue,almost transparent man glided towards me. ” I know who you are” the creepy ghost whispered,sending shivers down my spine.He unraveled the gag around my mouth. ”WHO ARE YOU!” i screamed.” i am the father of Henry Edwardson” he spoke with a slight sense of threat in his voice.” I have come back from the grave to take revenge on the man who put my son in jail” he added. I pretended to listen to his boastful words but in actual fact i was slowly unhooking my pistol from my belt. Concentrating,i finally unhooked it and  flicked it up and over my head and caught it.I fired the gun several times at the man’s head but it did nothing. ”aha! i knew you would try to shoot me!” the ghost exclaimed. He picked up a suitcase and revealed a gun. ”Time to die…..” he hissed.

I needed to do something fast! I struggled in the chair but it was no use. Suddenly, the chair wobbled and fell on its side! The ghostly figure shot his gun as i fell and it ricocheted off the chains that were trapping me to the chair. I finally was free! Full of anger, i jumped to my feet and wrestled the ghost to the floor. Surprisingly, the ghost was quite solid. He was no ghost. I ripped of the head to discover a small man. 2 hours later he was revealed to be Samuel Desmond(another important person in this story).He was taken away by the police to jail. I watched contently as the police van sped away into the night. After the bomb was set off in my house i had to stay at Walter’s apartment. As i lay in my bed i wondered what everything i have experienced meant. I drifted away into my sleep, awaiting another day of life-threatening encounters with criminals

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  1. I’m in 6th grade. I just read your book and it amazed me by how good your word choice was. Also your descriptive writing was fabulous. Keep up the good work!

  2. Wow Jake! I am really enjoying reading your fantastic writing. You really know how to build tension! Keep it up!

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