Awaken: Chapter 3 Death continued.

I peered over the banister to see Henry Edwardson! ”I knew it!” i whispered to myself. Carefully, i creepily shuffled over to where Walter and Henry were.Like a hungry beast  hunting prey i leaped onto the criminal’s back, ripping his shirt. ”Why are you here!” i screamed at Henry. He was crouched on the floor, not looking at me. Slowly he stood up and faced me. ”You will pay”. He whispered. His words chilled my soul to it’s very center. He turned to face Walter, picked up his gun, and fired. I couldn’t move.It was if he was controlling my body. I saw Walters weak,limp body,slumped on the floor.Finally my body co-operated with my brain and instinctively i  hurried towards Walter. ”Theres nothing you can do now”. Henry spoke,his voice becoming rougher with every syllable. With all my might, i swung my fist straight into Henry’s face. It probably hurt me more than it hurt him.

”Wha?” i questioned as Henry didn’t even flinch.”You don’t know me”. He said. Silently, he strode out of the room. I ran after him. ”What do you think your doing?” I squeaked (i was very weak and tired at this point).”Goin’ to the police”. Henry answered. As he reached the door he spoke ”my work here is done”. He slammed the door shut. I just stared.

At the hospital beside Walter, I called my best friend (and my 2nd work partner) Kath Dent. ”Hello?” she answers. ”Hi Kath i was just wondering if you could help me on this case?” I reply. ” Sure! I would love to! How come?” ” Well. You see old Walter here was shot this morning by Henry Edwardson and i don’t think he is fit enough to carry on the investigation”  I say. ”Aww, that’s a shame. Tell him get well soon ok?” At this point she hangs up.”Visiting hours are over sir” a young nurse says. ”Ok”. Now staying with my parents, i get under my fresh duvet covers and wish and wish for Walter. Walter saved my life. Twice.

7 years ago (When i was 23 and had only been a qualified detective for a year) me and Walter partnered up for the very first time. The case was of a 45 year old man who was accused of murder. Whilst investigating his house, he sneaked up behind me and Walter (Who was 31 at the time and had been a detective for 5 years). The crazed man launched a knife at my head,but because of quick thinking and good reflexes, Walter jumped in front of me and deflected the knife. The man was arrested that day.”How did you do that?” I questioned Walter. ”Easy. I saw his shadow”. Ever since then I’ve looked up to Walter like a role model. He can’t die now. I know he won’t. Walter is strong. But is he strong enough?