C-team games

1st  game

Me (Dylan O’ Neill) and the rest of the team (10 of us) played 2 games but the first game is the first match I’m going to tell you about. In the first game everyone tried their best.The 2 defenders (Sam and Ethan) had deflected loads of shots. not to mention the brilliant goal made by Kaden Lawl , everyone including the mid-field players and the strikers made a great effort against Moss Park so in the end we finished the match 1-0 to Davyhulme Junior school.

2nd game

In the second game we had the chances, the players,the teamwork but we couldn’t manage to score. Their luck had given them a way to score and they took their chance they made it 1-0 to St.Teresas, before half time I come on (as a defender) to help the team out, they couldn’t get another goal in. Then our luck returned we score another goal to make it 1-1 our non-been-beaten thing hasn’t been broken.