Climate Change By Mia 6b

I bet you’ve heard off pollution and the industrial revolution but never known what it is today I’m going to tell you about Climate Change and ways we can all help to prevent this.

In our school we have signs which tell us to remember to turn our lights off when we don’t need them on, already we have helped to save a bit off energy!

This is slightly going on the industrial revolution but all the factories produce smoke and for our world, Earth, that’s bad. Very bad. The same with cars on their exsause pipe they also give out smoke which is polluting our world so if it isn’t far try walk one off the reasons we do walk to school day.

Litter. You have just bought a chocolate bar. You take it out off the wrapper the bin is on the other side off the pavement do you place the wrapper on the floor for show and tell or do you put it in the bin. I bet the majority off you will leave it on the floor for display that is hurting our world. How would you like it if you were treated as a bin?

So folks there are some reasons to show how we are damaging our world, and don’t forget kids even adults need to remember what is right and wrong so this just proves if we all help we can stop climate change!