Climate Change science homework by tom

We need to act. No longer can we allow our precious planet to suffer at our expense. Alls we need to do is become more efficient in our acts, for example:

  • Not to waste energy such as electricity, just by doing little things such as turning light off when not needed and not leaving other electrical appliances on standby
  • Recycle all our recyclable products
  • Use public transport {eg.Bus,Train and Trams}
  • And you don’t even have to take public transport, you can walk!

The world is becoming hotter, due to the “Greenhouse Effect”, which causes the world to heat up and can cause extreme weather patterns.The Greenhouse effect is caused by the sun’s rays reaching the Earth and causing the temperature to heat up,as the sun’s rays cannot go back up through the atmosphere because all the gases on Earth we make such as C02 and carbon dioxide cloud the atmosphere.

The world does need all our help, so please listen to my persuasive piece of writing about climate change and global warming.