Davyhulme school

Please come to are brilliant school where children are working very hard.First of all Maths:square root,timesing it by itself,doubeling,take away,addition,divideing next we have Litracy:First of all we did the arrival we had to use lots of powerful adjectives next we have Art:Secondly,in art we did scetching and cross hatching and more pleas come to are school i hope i have persuaded you enough.We have strict teachers but very kind and nice if ur stuck on anything they will always help you for example:Mr Parkinson,Mrs Brundrett,Mr McGrath,Mrs Burns,Mr McDowl (Head master) and a lot lot more we have lots of clubs in are school such as Athletics,Boys football a b c team,Girls footbal a b team,Gymnastics,Cheerleading,PE.When it comes to christmas we have a lot of advent assembelies where we say a praye and sing songs we also have a goodwork assembely witch it on a thursday were we get a owl aword and a sports aword and teampoints hopefull you all come to are AMAZING school!!!!!